Robert Le Hunte and Asha Javeed

Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte and Business Edge host Asha Javeed

Business Edge focuses on the topic of Utilities. Can customer service be improved? Should we be paying more for our water and electricity bill?

Asha Javeed chats with Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte about the current state of WASA, T&TEC, and TSTT, as well as the response to the recent flooding and dealing with ‘fake news’.


President Paula-Mae Weekes is tonight pointing out to the Opposition UNC that there is a notification before the parliament with respect to Mr. Vincel Edwards as a nominee for Member of the Police Service Commission. 

The severe blow the tourism sector took, the agricultural sector, and surviving the covid19 pandemic, were just some of the areas THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis focused on, on delivering his Republic day message, to the people of Tobago.