In 2019, close to 50 women were murdered mainly by men they knew and shared intimate relationships with 2020 has kicked off seemingly following the same trend. 

Our guests, social worker and CEO of NGO Jabulous, Salorne Mc Donald, President of the Coalition against domestic violence, attorney-at-law, Roberta Clarke and clinical psychologist Kelly McFarlane.

It's difficult to get into a discussion of the sexes we're not about victim shaming nor are we about generalizations but data show women are being killed by men they know intimate partner violence. women go through the same stresses, physical emotional and psychological abuse, infidelity, rejection, abandonment, but our headlines don't say woman stabs lover, what makes life's challenges more hurtful for men?


First major showing of the political parties took place in Moruga on Thursday, as the UNC's candidate opened her campaign office.

The Caribbean Premier League will be staged in Trinidad and Tobago. The confirmation was made by Minister of Sport Shamfa Cudjoe in Tobago Thursday following Cabinet's approval.

A demonstration today by bar owners who want government to allow them more hours of operation.

The bar owners threatened legal action via a pre-action protocol letter as they say they are being unfairly punished.

The automotive dealers association says after five years it has never had a meeting with government, today the head of the association Visham Babwah wants to know, with an election coming what plans are in store for taxes on vehicles.