Launch of Galaxy A series

Recent launch of the Galaxy A Series. The A series is geared towards Generation Z.

July 9, 2019. TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, PORT OF SPAIN. Technology is constantly evolving. This isn’t news to anyone. Our eyes, however, are used to looking only at the growth of the market, not at the driving force of this movement: the consumer.

With the growth of information access, the current consumer has more knowledge about the sector, which makes it more demanding when it comes to buying a product. Therefore, meeting new market needs is essential for the growth of a technology brand, such as Samsung.

An eye on Generation Z

First of all, it is necessary to understand the profile of the consumer who is moving the market. Currently, the spotlight is on Generation Z. Born between 1994 and 2000, Generation Z is the first group of people who grew up in the digital environment, connected, and who never saw the world without the Internet. Immediate and spontaneous, they are largely responsible for changing the way the world communicates and consumes content – and that has everything to do with technology.

If ten years ago the only function for cell phones was to make calls, today it is the activity that matters the least. The evolution in the devices is a result of this behaviour change, especially when coupled with research results such as the one made by WGSN in 2018. According to the company, the most sought-after features in smartphones are storage space, battery life and camera quality, essential characteristics for those who live with the device in hand.

Mid-range smartphones are getting better

The demand for premium features in mid-range phones is growing in Latin America, and follows the trend identified in a quarterly IDC report, the Mobile Phone Tracker, which registered the willingness of the local population to pay a higher value on mobile phones. In the global market, the search for handsets in this category increased by an average of 35 per cent between 2017 and 2018, according to GfK Global, reinforcing the idea of that high-end technologies and features are also required on more basic handsets.

The Galaxy A series is ready for the future

That is why Samsung sought to apply in the Galaxy A line features previously found only in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. In addition to meeting the needs of consumers who prioritize performance and durability, the brand is able to offer devices with the latest features. With enhanced innovations in various specifications, Samsung manages to cover all the need for entry phones.

So, the consumer looking for the Galaxy A line will find the features already present in the Galaxy S10, launched earlier this year by the brand: high-quality cameras, with wide-angle and deep lenses, ensuring photos and videos produced with the latest technology. Long-life batteries, with loads ranging from 3,400 mAh, are also a key feature in the line, as well as basic specifications already present on all Samsung premium lines, such as multi-layer security with the Knox platform and high definition displays.


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