Join the Beta Program and enjoy the new One UI with Android 10 features before its official release. Be one of the first to enjoy the new features and design, send us your feedback to help us create an exceptional experience.

Samsung One-UI-Beta_1.jpg

Designed to simplify and streamline interactions, One UI has brought a unified mobile experience to Galaxy devices. Since its launch, Samsung has been refining the UX, while also expanding its capabilities to help users focus on the tasks that matter. Features are further enhanced to make the experience more natural, seamless and efficient.

Below are a few key features of One UI and Android 10 we are excited for users to test on the Galaxy S10:

Focusing on What Matters

The clean and easy-to-use interface allows users to enjoy minimized pop-ups, embedded loading indicators and simplified button arrangements. The new One UI features a streamlined design where notifications take up less space, so users are kept up-to-date while being able to focus on the task at hand. You stay focused while enjoying your favorite content in full screen and never miss any essential information.

Making the Mobile Experience Visibly Comfortable

The new, smarter layout provides a visually comfortable experience. An enhanced Dark Mode helps users at night by intelligently adjusting the brightness of images, texts and colors on the display while reducing battery consumption. Smart Lock screen automatically adjusts the colour and format of the clock and notifications to ensure you can always see the text and icons clearly.

Samsung One-UI-Beta_2.jpg

Keeping Digital Wellness in Check

The expanded One UI provides a wide range of tools to help you manage your digital wellness. Focus Mode lets you pause apps temporarily for times when you need to minimize distractions and get in the zone. By tracking usage, managing screen time or enabling focus mode to minimize distractions, users can ensure they are being efficient.

Samsung One-UI-Beta_3.jpg

Maintaining the performance of your smartphone is easier with the intuitive Device Care menu, which gives you quicker access to the essential functions. Some individual features are also enhanced to give you more control, such as keeping or deleting duplicate photos.


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