I recently discovered a new illegal brothel has opened in Aranguez and when you visit the place to enquire what is happening at the bar they rob all your money.

The place have women from Venezuela which have been forced into prostitution and have been trained to sell alcohol without a license and to pick pocket the "customers". 700 Trinidad dollars was stolen from my pocket by one of the thieves, on the orders of the Brothel Boss (a woman and her family) when i visited the location for investigation.

Clearly there is a serious scam operation being run from this big red house on Mangra Trace Aranguez.


TV6 caught up with the newlywed couple the "Montanos" while they were both enjoying the greatest show on earth in the streets of Port of Spain.

Trinidad and Tobago coach Mervyn Dillon wants his players to improve on their fielding ahead of the next clash starting Thursday against the Leeward Islands.