Crime Situation


Dear Sir,

I have been observing the situation in Trinidad & Tobago for the past few decades and i have arrived at the following conclusions.

Violence is a present day plague caused by the upheaval and ruin of the last few decades. Murder is common, and life is cheap

Trinidad & Tobago has one of the highest murder rates in the Caribbean. The causes : Maras ( Youth Gangs ), drug traffickers, organised crime and Social Cleansing - AKA death squats. Government forces can do little to tackle these issues, and law breakers outnumber police by two to one.

We have to pray for the binding of the spirit of murder and for the peace and love of our Lord to prevail.

Corruption is rampant and systematic, this is a country whose population is approximately one and a quarter million. Task forces are targeting corruption, but it is so entrenched that criminals and international drug traffickers use Trinidad & Tobago as a key hub. Corruption within the state mechanisms themselves must be cleaned up before anything else can be.

A just and honest Government that will uplift the poor and punish the wicked is vital for Trinidad & Tobago to move forward.

Yours Faithfully

Rhett R. Chang

74 Gallus Street, Woodbrook P.O.S

Ph # 399-0070


All efforts will be made by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), to assist in the reduction of criminal activity in Tobago and the country at large. 

Labour issues in Tobago were high on the agenda when the Oilfields Workers Trade Union opened its new multi-million dollar building in Scarborough.