Basic Amenities for our community

Greenvale La Horquetta

Please assist me to highlight my concern to the relevant authorities as it relates to the plight of HDC residents located in Greenvale, La Horquetta.

Though we are most grateful to have been successful in obtaining our HDC homes, the residents having been here for almost a 2 yeasr have been requesting a number of basic facilities, which are absent in our community.

These include pavements, streetlights (Middleton Road), light poles, Internet just to name a few.

The lack of lighting across Greenvale is posing a threat to safety not just within the criminal domain but given the presence of caiman in the community, the reality is that children can stumble across these in the dark.

This is not an occurrence that a simple apology will suffice should it occur since loss of life and limb can occur.

Attempts to obtain the assistance from the service providers have resulted in failure since they point all blame towards HDC. HDC on the other hand claims that service providers do not want to cover the cost to use their infrastructure.

Please Help


All efforts will be made by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), to assist in the reduction of criminal activity in Tobago and the country at large. 

Labour issues in Tobago were high on the agenda when the Oilfields Workers Trade Union opened its new multi-million dollar building in Scarborough.