On September 28th at the Chaguanas Sporting Complex Joel "Matador" Mc Rae will be facing Nigel "Cow" Edwards in the boxing bout Fight Night jointly promoted by Lions Entertainment and Fineline Fight Factory.

The last time they fought, Mc Rae came in overweight at 200 pounds for a 175 pound fight. Edwards still agreed to take the fight in a six round bout. As it turned out, Mc Rae won on a controversial split decision on the judges’ scorecards. Nigel Edwards' corner demanded the decision be reversed. It could not. However, they've agreed to a rematch for the American Boxing Federation light heavyweight title. The two fighters came face to face on the TV6 Half Time Show.


Well Carnival Monday and Tuesday has come and gone but the tradition of the Ash Wednesday Cool Down at Maracas Bay is still much alive.