Justice promised for Orange Valley (Ramona Ramdial & Gov't response)

inal closure came for two families of the of the seven Orange Valley fishermen who fell victim to a pirate attack last week.member of Parliament for the area, Ramona Ramdial praised the efforts of Commissioner of Police,Gary Griffith. Three of the fishermen are still missing.

Have your say/ Despite all evidence, UNC denies link to Cambridge Analytica

The UNC continues to say they had no ties to Cambridge ANALYTICA, in either 2015 or 2010. For 2010, they may be technically right, because the company, Cambridge Analytica did not exist until 2013, but its parent company S-C-L Group, did, in 2010.

It's HARD to deny that the company, by whatever name, was working in Trinidad and Tobago.

Business Breakfast

Entrepreneurship is a path many are embarking upon. Whether you are fresh out of school or just want a career change..the prospects of becoming a business owner has become more attractive over the years.Arthur Lok Jack School of Business Bachelor of International and Sustainable Business programme may be able to give you the confidence that you need. They also offer a Master of International Business Programme. Student intake for both academic programmes will start in September 2019.

Emancipation Village

The grand opening of the Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village took place yesterday at the Queen's park Savannah. The village runs until Emancipation Day and include a host of activities.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET, is still overlooked and looked down upon, in favour of academia in Trinidad and Tobago. But in fact, all thriving economies have one thing in common - skilled labour.

Access to evidence-based information is crucial to an informed society, as well as the protection of a thriving democracy.