Political Landscape

The Government has completely deleted the controversial Clause 7 amendment to the Freedom of Information Act. During Monday's Senate sitting, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said based on the arguments put forward by Independent Senator, Sophia Chote SC and another Senator, Government has decided to the withdrawal of Clause 7 altogether. We are joined on set by David Abdullah- MSJ Leader to get his views on this and other matters within the public's domain.

TTPS Information Drive

Sgt. Ancil Forde is here to conclude some points on last week's topic 'Sedition' and also, to tell us about the #MYTTPS Campaign.

Cricket World Cup Update

West Indies' chances of reaching the last four of the ICC Cricket World Cup are now even slimmer, following yesterday's defeat to Bangladesh by seven wickets. They face New Zealand on Saturday. Fazeer Mohammed is covering the Cricket World Cup and joins us via satellite.

Annual City Day Parade

The Capital City of Port of Spain is celebrating its 105th Anniversary of Municipal Rights. Events have already kicked off. This Friday, it continues with an Inter-Faith Service and Parade. Traffic restrictions will be in effect for the parade which commences at 11 am. We are joined by Joel Martinez- Mayor, Port of Spain.