NATUC to Host Mass Demonstration On Friday

The National Trade Union Centre is calling out all troops to assemble this Friday at the Brian Lara Promenade from 10 a.m. The union says workers are frustrated over several outstanding matters that government has failed to treat with. Added to that, NATUC believes the demonstration is a reflection of how the wider society feels about the current state of affairs. Michael Annisette the General Secretary of NATUC joined us now.

Keeping Oil & Gas Sector Safe Part One

As the issue of increasing oil and natural gas production has been on the front burner in recent weeks, one local company says a spotlight needs to be shone on the integrity of assets such as oil and gas pipelines. In part one of a special report looking at this issue, our political editor Juhel Browne spoke with the executives of that company about an issue they say is not being given the attention it deserves.

Islamic Resource Society

Millions of Muslims are getting ready to observe the end of Ramadan fasting with the celebration of the Eid-Ul-Fitr festival. It was a time of special devotion, prayer, giving charity among other things for believers of the faith. The celebration is a national holiday in T&T and we are joined on set by two members of the faith. They have dedicated a significant portion of their time to the Islamic Resource Society, an organisation working within Port of Spain and Environs for over two decades. We are joined by Kwesi Atiba- Leader of the RSC and Nimah Muwakil a member of the Women's Council.

TTPS Information Drive: Road Safety

We are joined on set by Sgt. Ancil Forde the TTPS Public Information Ambassador. Today we are discussing road safety in relation to, tips and awareness during the rainy season.

St. Anthony’s Music Ministry

The St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church located in Point Fortin, is continuing their evangelisation thrust through their music ministry.  On June 15th, they will host a praise breakfast at Garden Jewelz at the cost of $200. They are promising food for the mind, body and soul. We were joined by Marceline Peters- Musical Director and Alicia Roberts the Treasurer to tell us more.

Ryu Dan Dojo Youth Empowerment Centre

Ryu Dan Dojo- Youth Empowerment Centre is hosting their annual fundraiser "Celebrating Parent" on June 22nd at the Dojo's Compound located at Cabfloor Enterprises Hall in Chaguanas. The organisation has been working tirelessly in the Enterprise community with the young people especially, to spread positivity. Sensei Marva John Logan Co-Founder, Executive Director Ryu Dan Dojo Youth Empowerment Centre, Shenelle Licorish Secretary of Young Leaders Committee & Head of the Read For Life Academic Program and Nelson Modeste member of Young Leaders & Head of Ryu Dan Drummer


Municipal Police officers are getting half of a uniform, and there's no clear cut system in place, for, disciplinary action to be taken against them.