Political Landscape

From the revelation of Heritage Petroleum losses to the Government's proposed amendment of the Freedom of Information Act, a lot transpired in the political landscape over the weekend. We are joined on the telephone by political commentator Ralph Maraj.

We Beat 2019

This next event has been a staple in the St. James community since the 1990s.We Beat 2019 began last Friday and continues until Saturday. The cultural explosion takes place at the St. James Amphitheatre, Western Main Road. St. James. The next event is scheduled for Wednesday, Health & Wellness Day and later on Film Night with the screening of Green Days By The River. We are joined on set by Anthony Alleng- St. James Community Improvement Project.

Trade And Investment Convention

We are into our Business Breakfast segment courtesy Nescafe. The Trade and Investment Convention is coming up on July 4th -7th. Morning Edition will be coming to you live at the Centre Of Excellence on the opening day. We are joined on set by Winners of TTMA's Entrepreneur Competition June Alfred- Founder & Managing Director of Pink Berry (soap makers) and Aliya Blake- Author of Cliff Hangers Books (book makers).

Bocas Lit Fest Prison Debate

For the first time, members of the public are invited to witness the prison's winning debate team in an event hosted by the TT Prison Service in collaboration with the Bocas Lit Fest. It's happening tomorrow, City Hall Auditorium, POS from 4 PM.

Pan Spektakula

North-East Pan Spektakula takes place on Saturday at Arima Velodrome. It's hosted by Spektakula Promotions and here to tell us more are Louris Lee Sing - Spektakula Promotions Representative; Dane Gulston  - Massy Trinidad All Stars Representative and Amrit Samaroo - FCB Supernovas Representative

West Indies Vs South Africa

As we mentioned earlier, the West Indies won the toss and has opted to bowl. There are a couple of changes to the team though, Bravo and Roach will replace Lewis and Russell. Let's get a live update now from Fazeer Mohammed who is providing coverage for the Cricket World Cup.


Heritage Petroleum Company's CEO Mike Wiley will not be coming back. Hours after the Heritage Company presented a plan for Mr Wiley's absence due to illness, Government rescinds that plan and announces he will be permanently replaced.

Wilfred Espinet has been removed as Chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited. The entity described as central to the T&T economy will now be headed by prominent attorney Michael Quamina.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says he thinks he looks great in some of the memes that float around about him....as he declares, he expects to be verbally attacked during the upcoming election season.

Uncertainty stills surrounds the future of the T-League, as at present, the Pro League clubs plan to do their own thing.