West Indies Vs Australia

As we mentioned earlier, the West Indies Verus Australia game started a short while ago. The Windies won the toss and sent the Aussies in to bat, we are joined on the telephone by Fazeer Mohammed.

C’bean Development Bank: Board of Governors Meet

We are joined on set by Dr Justin Ram Director of Economics. Caribbean Development Bank and Daniel Best Director of Projects Caribbean Development Bank. They are in Trinidad for the 49th Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Caribbean Development Bank. The event commenced last Saturday and concludes on Saturday, they head to Tobago tomorrow.


Makandal Daaga Scholarship

Scholarships are available for persons interested in law via the Makandal Daaga Law Scholarship at the University of the West Indies. The deadline for applications is June 28th and to tell us more about who can apply and how you can it, we are joined by Prof. Rose-Marie Antoine Dean at the Faculty of Law and Kareem Marcelle First UWI Faculty of Law Makandal Dagga Scholar.


Decoded Tv Series

The Decoded Television series airs right here on CCN, TV6. Another episode airs at 8 PM, Randall Waddell an Interior Designer and One of the Stars of the hit TV show.


Entrepreneurial Seminar Hosted by Piarco Rotary

Rotary and Rotaract Clubs of Piarco have joined together to host an Entrepreneurial Seminar later today from 5 pm at the Centre for Language Learning located at the University of the West Indies. Registration fee is $100.00; $80.00 (Student) and we are joined by Camevel Cova President, Rotaract Club of Piarco (U.W.I.), oshua Ruck International Service Director, Rotaract Club of Piarco and Kia Baptiste.


Artiste’s Forum

'No Seasons' is the brainchild of Soca Artiste Erphaan Alves to encourage to the release of more music outside the carnival season. His latest offering 'Lock On' was recently released with a music video. We are joined on set by Steven Taylor Director and the name himself Erphaan Alves.


Tomorrow, is Father's Day. And, President of the Single Father's Association - Rhondall Feeles is stressing the importance of having fathers involved in their children's lives.