On Wednesday's edition 28th August 2019 of the Morning Edition, there is much debate on the changes at the heritage company, also, the Prime Minister held a press conference on Tuesday to refute statements made by Carlton Dennie on a UNC platform, we will opened up the lines and got your views on these recent developments in politics.

Also on the show, we will get the opposition views and Oropouche East MP Roodal Moonilal on Prime Minister response at the press conference last evening.

As is customary we continue our focus on the family series, Psychologist- Kelly Mc Farlane was here to give some guidelines for parents, guardian and teachers as the new school term begins next week.

Later on, we heard from representatives of the Center For Students Achievement Resources & Enrichment, Alicia Gunnes, Alexai Jemmott and Naomi Hedley. As well as, Nailah Blackman's manager Lorraine O'Connor and Myron B was here.


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