Ministry Of Education

Last evening, the Arima Hindu Primary School on Temple Street held a Parent-Teacher Association meeting to address concerns of safety in the wake of a recent killing in the area where the school is located, which had left students and teachers locked inside. Before we start our discussion, let’s view an interview with Raj Jadoo Senior Executive of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha and reporter Alicia Boucher during the Arima Hindu Primary School PTA meeting on Monday evening. Joining me in studio to give us some context into the issue at the Arima Hindu Primary School and other areas of concern involving safety at schools are the Minister of Education Anthony Garcia and Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan.

Personal & Professional Productivity

Curtis Toussaint Motivations is putting on a Personal & Professional Workshop entitled 'Overcoming the barriers to Productivity’. It takes place on May 29th from 9am at TSTT Corporate Box, Queens Park Oval. Joining me on set to give us more information is Curtis Toussaint – Business Management Professional, Consultant and author of the book 'What Nobody Says about Work'. He is also the Facilitator of this workshop.

TTPS Information Drive

Sgt. Ancil Forde - Public Information Officer of the TTPS is on set with us. In today's topic, we will continue our discussion on ‘Powers of Arrest and Warrants’.

Get Skin Ready

Everyone desires healthy skin and quite often questions of proper skin care surface. On set with me today are two individuals to give some insight into achieving healthy skin. We are joined on set by Dr. Rachael Eckel - Cosmetic Doctor of the Skin Health Institute and Senator Dr Crystal Haynes of Barbados.  


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,

The Ministry of Works is putting measures in place in the event of flooding, ahead of the bad weather, forecast for tomorrow.

The Manuel Congo Bridge was officially opened today, replacing the single-lane Bailey bridge that was previously in use.