Have Your Say: Budget Presentation

Thoughts from our callers on the upcoming budget presentation.

State of the Economy

Looking ahead to 2019/2020 budget presentation by the Finance Minister, what key decisions need to be taken and is the government on the right track? Economist Mariano Browne joined us on set to discuss.

Music Business Forum

Navigating the music industry can be a task if, you lack understanding in key areas. Kingdom Management has partnered with MusicTT to assist those within the art-form. Top industry professionals will gather on September 21st at Government Campus Plaza for a Music Business Forum. The cost is $150.

Raft Derby and Seafood Cookout

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is inviting the public to come out on Saturday to their Raft Derby and Seafood Cookout. It's on this Saturday, Free to the public at the Mittan River. Competition gets underway from 10 am.

Master Money Mixer

It's comes as no surprise that money plays a key role in our lives and of course, there are some of us who are just terrible at handling finances. Young Entrepreneur Tennille Alonzo is hosting a 'Master Money Mixer' on September 18th featuring some of T&T's top success stories.


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,

The Ministry of Works is putting measures in place in the event of flooding, ahead of the bad weather, forecast for tomorrow.

The Manuel Congo Bridge was officially opened today, replacing the single-lane Bailey bridge that was previously in use.