Protecting our children

School is back in session and thousands of students this means either a new classroom setting or a complete change of environment. This can present for some, unique and difficult challenges.Whether it is trying to navigate their way through the additional school work wit classes or being pressured into a life of delinquency, we want to give parents some tips on signs so they can better protect and keep their child on a positive path.

I, the sky and me

In addition to her award winning journalism career , Dr. Kris Rampersad is also an author. Her latest offerings is a fictional children's series ' I the Sky & Me the Sea The Adventures of Munnie Butterfly & Danny Dragonfly Book 1'. The adventure book aims to encourage readers to tap into their creative side with the help of music.

Advancing women in Leadership success of cycling

Achieving Gender equality has been a slogan we have been hearing about for years. The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic committee lead by its President Brian Lewis, is taken their commitment to another level. On September 28th they will host the third annual ' Advancing Women In Leadership ' at the Hilton Conference Centre from 9 am.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET, is still overlooked and looked down upon, in favour of academia in Trinidad and Tobago. But in fact, all thriving economies have one thing in common - skilled labour.