TTFA President speaks

TTFA President David John-Williams joined us on set to discuss both the men's and women's National Football teams.

PEP Political meeting

The political landscape will only get hotter leading up to the Local and General elections that are due soon. The Progressive Empowerment Party is continuing their ground work thrust with another meeting in the Croisse tomorrow. It begins at 5 PM on the Promenade.

Policemen can cook

Another edition of Policemen Can Cook is happening on September 21st at the Prisons Sport Grounds. The cost is $100. and they're promising not only food , but live entertainment as well.

Voices of Rock

Voices Of Rock featuring the band ' Collective Soul ' at the Jean Pierre Complex is on tomorrow.


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,

The Ministry of Works is putting measures in place in the event of flooding, ahead of the bad weather, forecast for tomorrow.

The Manuel Congo Bridge was officially opened today, replacing the single-lane Bailey bridge that was previously in use.