Budget wish list: Business Community

Many are looking forward with anticipation to see how the October 5th Budget presentation will affect them. The Business community in particular will be interested to know how the government will try to generate its earnings during these economic times. Added to that, the global pandemic has crippled several streams of income not to mention claiming the lives of many. Locally, our active cases went up by 114 yesterday bringing that figure to 1,609. Sadly the death toll also rose, bringing it to 39. How is the business community navigating these uncertain times and is there anything more the government can do in the short-term? Kiran Singh, President of the greater San Fernando Chamber and Jaishima Leladharsingh- Coordinator of the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers joined us via Zoom.

Have Your Say: TKR into the final

The Trinbago Knight Riders are into the final, chasing a perfect season. They won all ten matches leading up to the semi-final and played superb cricket against the Jamaica Tallawahs yesterday. Tomorrow they face in the final. Here's some of what Akeal Hosein and our top batsman Lendl Simmons had to say.

Foster care and adoption awareness

The Children's Authority is the agency responsible for the management of Foster Care and Adoption in the country. In an attempt to educate the population on matter that doesn't get a lot of attention, September has been designated Foster Care and Adoption Awareness month. Director/ Chief Executive Officer of the Children's Authority, Mrs. Nichola Harvey-Mitchell and Mrs. Anjuli Tewari-Defague, Team Lead at the Foster Care Unit joined us to discuss.

Wisdom CRM

Online learning has gained immense popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. While this has given birth to many e-learning avenues including www.wizdomcrm.com. It is designed to be a regional School Management Platform integrated with Microsoft to create a new era of learning.The initiative is valuable to the public and is FREE until April 2021. Why should you try the new platform? 

Opposition on Election Petition

According to newspaper reports, the Opposition APNU+AFC will not be present for the reading of today's fiscal budget presented to the National Assembly. This is on the heels of a parliament walk out last week and an election petition currently in the court following a lengthy general election recount.


The National Trade Union Centre backed by the Transport and Industrial Workers Union is making it clear to PTSC that there would be no compromise as it relates to the thermal scanning for passengers.

It's been more than two weeks since their mother died, but her children are yet to get her body. The grieving family says although their deceased mother had no flu symptoms

Over two-hundred-and-fifty prisons officers are in quarantine at this time. The startling revelation comes directly from Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan who's denying any speculation that this is due to the prison environment.

Police have recovered and seized a gun, a quantity of marijuana and cocaine in separate incidents on Saturday in South, Central and Arima. It has resulted in the arrests of several persons.

The local theatre fraternity is plunged into sadness as one of its veterans Nigel Scott has …