CAL on temporary layoffs

Less than one week from the finance Minister's budget presentation, comes the announcement of temporary recovery measures at Caribbean Airlines. The airline confirms that standard industrial relations criteria were used to select the employees who will be temporarily laid off. Salary reductions for a period of eight months were also announced. Dionne Ligoure the Manager of Corporate Communications at Caribbean Airlines joined us.

Int'l women's resource on domestic violence

The President of the International Women's Resource Network, Sandrine Rattan says men need to help men who are having a difficulty with rejection. This after yet another woman's life is claimed allegedly by a close male relative who also attempted to take his own life. The answer does not require legislation alone says the IWRN.

Impact of virtual learning on the family

For parents, any sudden change in the environment for your children is always an area of concern. The challenges of online learning are not only affecting teachers but parents and even the students ...adjusting to new ways of learning. Can we help parents and students with their adjustments and what is the possible impact on their socialization and developmental skills?

US Embassy on absentee voting week

It's election fever in the United States however, with borders still closed in many parts, citizens will be participating in the process through other mediums. Here in T&T the embassy is accommodating citizens who wish to vote.

Maritime Ocean Collection

Very soon T&T will have its first online coral-reef collection and will provide a baseline record for scientific comparison and management. This is a direct result of the Launch of the Maritime Ocean Collection. 


President of the Amateur Swimming Association Lyndsay Gillette is hoping for a favourable outcome tomorrow when the Prime Minister speaks about the Covid-19 restrictions.