Covid19 update

Sadly one more patient, an elderly male with co-morbidities has passed away. The total number of patient deaths is now at 55. Ninety-Nine additional persons tested positive for the virus yesterday. There are 2,299 active cases while 3,141 samples have tested positive.15 more patients were discharged, that total number is 787.

Covid19 regulations and the law

Does the law prevent the TTPS from implementing the Covid-19 regulations? According the the Commissioner of Police, that is the case when it comes to dealing with public and private space. Additionally, A ruling by Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh on Friday said that the regulations that breaches for the guidelines for places of worship were unlawful following two constitutional claims that challenged the coronavirus public health regulation. Should the matter be taken to the parliament as suggested by the Commissioner and Justice Boodoosingh? Senior Counsel and Columnist Martin Daly joined us to discuss.

Have Your Say

Should the covid19 regulations be taken to the Parliament? Do you agree that the police need more powers? Did the Commissioner speak out of turn by commenting on what the Prime Minister said on Saturday? Here's what our viewers had to say.

Virologist on covid stats

Active Covid-19 cases are now up to 2,299. According to the Ministry, 1,959 patients have been at home and isolated, under the continuous monitoring of the respective County Medical Officer of Health offices. 55 deaths registered, while 787 have been discharged since the start of pandemic. Local Health authorities say there is no need to panic. Over the past week, approximately two thousand samples were sent for COVID 19 testing. During the same period, 700 returned positive. Dr Avery Hinds, Head of the Epidemiological Unit says the high proportion of positives is not alarming. On the contrary, he says it points to success. Here's the perspective of US based Virologist Dr. Cindy Duke.

Regional and International

According to Al Jazeera the United Kingdom has introduced new coronavirus laws that limit gatherings to just six people. This after after they saw a spike in cases caused primarily by people in their teens and twenties. Concerns have been raised about whether or not people will follow the new restrictions. 


Minister of Education Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly says she will not rest until she feels CXC adequately addresses concerns raised this week by CSEC and CAPE students.

It will be a budget to either take this country forward or significantly back according to MSJ political Leader David Abdullah.

It's a sight you don't see very often, but on Wednesday representatives of the PNM and the UNC were on the ground in Talparo, walking together and working together to bring relief to the people.

Trinidad and Tobago's greatest football fears have been realized. The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has suspended the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association.