Covid19 update

Covid-19 figures continue to rise. Figures rose by 197 in total yesterday. 44 of the cases refer to persons who were housed at the Police Training Academy and have not been in circulation within the national community. These individuals will be transferred to a public health facility for relevant medical care. 25,995 samples were submitted to CARPHA, UWI and other local sites for testing for COVID-19.Of that number, 2,588 tested positive while 1,800 of those cases are active. Discharge figures are up by three to 749 while sadly, 39 deaths have been recorded. Over in Tobago, four additional cases tested positive for COVID-19 , the number of samples that tested positive is now at 49. Active cases now stand at 18, while 31 people have been discharged. Ten patients are at the step-down facility and one death has been recorded.

Have Your Say

Public Space verse Private Space when dealing with Covid-19 regulations? Here's what our callers had to say.

Suicide Prevention Day

Matters relating to Mental Health have gained attention during the Covid-19 Pandemic as a result of its impact on our daily routine.Social isolation, financial woes and losing a loved one suddenly due to the virus, can only add to the woes of someone struggling with their mental health. According to the suicide data collection done by the WHO, close to 800,000 people die each year, due to suicide. Suicide Prevention Day is observed today globally, with the hope of reducing these tragedies and assisting those,who may be struggling. The Ministry is preparing to roll out it's Mental health strategy in the coming months with the aim of reducing the suicide rate by 10 % over five years. Dr Hazel Othello Director, Mental Health at the Ministry of Health joined us for more.

Doing business in Atlanta Part II

Out with the old and in with new seems to be the theme of the Covid-19 pandemic. Adjustments are necessary in every area of life especially, when it comes to doing business. Virtual meetings are now the norm and trading goods and services innovative ways. How are we coping with it in T&T? Exportt continues to find new strategies during the pandemic, they will host the online event 'Doing Business in Atlanta Part II' on September 17th. Dhanraj Harrypersad- Manager Monitoring and Research, EXPORTT LIMITED, Doug Wood- Consultant, NexConnex Limited and Cecilla St.Hilaire- Consultant, NexConnex Limited joined us to tell us more.

UWI Economics Society on budget

There are even more eyes on the economy with the upcoming budget presentation. It's no secret that adjustments will have to be made, but where should we start? A couple representatives of the Economics Society Of The University of the West Indies, President Ruqayyah Scott and Vice President Dana Sookdeo joined us to share more.

The teenager's guidebook

It's labelled as one of the most difficult transitions in one's life. Dr. Elijah Fagorala author of the book 'The Teenager's Guidebook' joined us.


The National Trade Union Centre backed by the Transport and Industrial Workers Union is making it clear to PTSC that there would be no compromise as it relates to the thermal scanning for passengers.

It's been more than two weeks since their mother died, but her children are yet to get her body. The grieving family says although their deceased mother had no flu symptoms

Over two-hundred-and-fifty prisons officers are in quarantine at this time. The startling revelation comes directly from Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan who's denying any speculation that this is due to the prison environment.

Police have recovered and seized a gun, a quantity of marijuana and cocaine in separate incidents on Saturday in South, Central and Arima. It has resulted in the arrests of several persons.

The local theatre fraternity is plunged into sadness as one of its veterans Nigel Scott has …