New School Term Education Policy

The final term of the academic school year begins today, one week earlier than students would have been accustomed to. The question usually asked at the start of a new school term is whether all schools will be reopened as scheduled. Well, to answer that was Education Minister Anthony Garcia and Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan.

Education Policy

More changes are coming to the education system. Will that include the GATE Programme?

Earlier this month in Parliament , Education Minister, Anthony Garcia laid the

Education Policy for 2018-2022, final draft before Parliament. The current policy was implemented back in 1993 and did not treat with many of today's issues.

DMAD Company Presents: Dry Season

DMAD Company is at it again with another one of their thought-provoking interpretations. The inactive theatre company is a non-profit organization that is working to address issues affecting ‘at-risk youth and vulnerable groups’. Their latest production "Dry Season" is happening this weekend, from 7 pm at the Learning Resource Centre UWI, St. Augustine. We are joined on set by Actors Johnathan Dickson and Maria Peters as well as Creative Director Andre Dillon.

Love Flowing In San’do

Love Flowing In San'Do is happening this Saturday at Harris Promenade from noon. It's hosted by the Open Bible Standard Churches of T&T. It's a community walk-about and rally and on set with us is Raymond Ockille- Open Bible, National Youth Director.

TTPS Information Drive

We continue our focus on Offences Committed Against Children with Sgt. Ancil Forde.