Post budget panel discussion

It's been described as an "election budget" though the government would disagree. Can the country afford to upkeep the increases and "goodies" announced in the 2019/2020 fiscal budget?. URP and CEPEP wage increases, minimum wage increase, no taxes for registered farmers, On The Job Training programme expansion with an increased stipend and Free daycare for children of female-headed households are just some of the announcements. Allyson West, Minister of Public Administration joined us on set to discuss.

Post budget discussion: AMCHAM

Bruce MacKenzie, Vice President of AMCHAM T&T joined us on set to discuss.

Post budget discussion: Energy Chamber

Dr. Thackwray "Dax" Driver- President& CEO of Energy Chamber, was on set to discuss.


If that phrase sounds familiar, you're one of may T20 fans who know the chirpy and bubbly cricket television commentator Danny Morrison.

Some two years and four months after Prime Minister Rowley announced in June, 2017, that this country cannot afford to pay $200 million to a foreign contractor to maintain four Augusta Westland 139 helicopters, they remain grounded.