Dissecting the numbers

Some are pleased while others, believed it was "too soft". Did it present an accurate picture of the economy and were the measures announced enough to boost business activity? Paula Gopee-Scoon , Minister of Trade, Dr Vaalmikki Arjoon- Economist and Jaishima Leladharsingh- Coordinator of the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers joined us to discuss.

Our First People's

On October 14th the Santa Rosa First People Community will celebrate another year in commemoration of their ancestors and the contribution they have made over the years. In commemoration, they have teamed up with the University of the West Indiesto ost a symposium on Monday. It's entitled ' Our First Peoples' and it takes place virtually on Monday from 9 am.

National Mental Health campaign

World Mental health Day will be observed tomorrow and the St. Augustine campus is UWI is seeking to shed greater light on the issue. The National Affairs Committee has launched a National Mental Health Campaign hat commenced on September 28th with the final day being tomorrow. 

World Kwéyòl Month

We observe World Kwéyòl Month and connect the dots with our own history, in particular Calypso.

Regional and International News

Hundreds of Bangladeshis have staged protests and scuffled with police this week after a video of a disadvantaged woman being attacked was posted online. Human rights groups say abuses against women are only getting worse.


Officers of the Professional Standards Bureau of the TTPS returned to the headquarters of the now infamous Drugs Sou-Sou pyramid scheme and executed a search warrant seizing receipts and cash once more.

Some PNM supporters are not at all happy with some of the candidates left out of the line-up for the upcoming THA Elections. Monday was the final day of screening of candidates.

About 25 per cent of small or medium sized businesses are estimated to have closed their doors permanently, in the downtown San Fernando area.