Dissecting the numbers

Agriculture has long been listed as a priority but many in sector, would tend to disagree. During the pandemic, many citizens returned to "planting the land" as echoed by Lord Shorty in his classic Calypso. What is needed especially as we face the challenges of Covid-19?

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Budget and your expectations.

Managing the giant African snail

Food sustainability continues to be a focus worldwide and therefore, anything that threatens it is automatically an enemy. That's the case with the giant African snail, one of the world's most destructive land snails. It destroys everything from vegetable crops to forest trees. The snails are present locally and the Ministry of Agriculture is seeing help from the public to eradicate this pest. What can we do?

Int'l day of older persons

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. It's a category of persons that can often be forgotten and now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, their wellbeing is even more critical as they fall into a high at risk group. Under the them 'Pandemics: Do They Change How We Address Age and Ageing?"'

Sculpting the millennial mind

Well if it's one thing this year has reminded us of is, that change is always constant. Adapting, starting over and adjusting are all areas we struggle with at times...and may need a boost to help us " get there". Author and Development Coach Daniel Francis is still making waves with her debut book' The Millennial Mind' which has sold almost 1000 copies to date. On the heels of that, he has produced a self-development program entitled: Sculpting your Millennial Mind: 14 Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential.

Int'l & Regional updates

US President Donald Trump has backed away from his remarks about a far-right group, after a chaotic and bitter first presidential debate. During the exchange with Democratic rival Joe Biden, Trump appeared to avoid denouncing the group, which calls itself the "Proud Boys". Trump later said that the Proud Boys group, which many consider a hate group, should let law enforcement do its work, adding he does not know what they are. Here is more from Al Jazeera.


This country's border restrictions remain but a committee is being assembled to recommend the best way forward in removing the travel exemption system that controls the repatriation of Trinidad and Tobago nationals.

Two men were murdered overnight and one more this afternoon, and police officer recover stolen cash in Tobago.

One company in the Pt Lisas Industrial Estate says that there is an opportunity to change the way it supplies the petrochemical plants there than can reduce their reliance on this nation's natural gas supply.

Government has been doing all it can, providing millions to assist the people of Tobago, in the revitalization of the economy, but some voices in Tobago only seem to be negative.