Post Budget Discussion/ PM address

In the past week we have explored various reactions and views on the 2021 budget presentation, and while some have welcomed and supported certain aspects of the budget, others have voiced their concerns.  Political Analyst, Dr Winford James joined us via Zoom to give a political perspective on the fiscal package 2021.

Community spotlight over statistics

A campaign entitled Stories over Statistics: Life Lessons Learned in School is an initiative that seeks to help reduce Students' anxiety around results time. It also encourages them to embrace and share their school story, regardless of the school they are placed in or the grades received. 

APNU + AFC responds to allegations

Aubrey Norton, Senior Coalition Member of APNU+AFC in Guyana, joined us via zoom to discuss a number on issues surrounding the recently concluded budget debate, matters of social interested and allegations surrounding the Kaieteur and Canje Oil Blocks in the weeks leading up to the 2015 General and Regional Elections.

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute is seeking the government's intervention to get on board in signing and ratifying a groundbreaking regional treaty to reestablish Trinidad and Tobago as a leader in the region in its environmental goals. 


Drugs Sou-Sou founder Kerron Clarke says contrary to an article published in a daily newspaper, he's going nowhere, seeking a truce with no one, and yes, he fears for his life.

A resident of La Horquetta is being proactive based on past experience and is calling on WASA to patch a hole dug by them which has the possibility of becoming worse and posing a threat to drivers and pedestrians alike.

It's the third day since gyms across the country has been allowed to re-open at 50 percent capacity.

Well in a time when there's not been much sporting activity here in T&T some athletes were actually lucky enough to get a game.