Political Landscape

Election fever is high with campaign launches and Nomination Day having passed but, what exactly are the local government promises? Ralph Maraj joined us on the phone.

Inclusive School's Project

The Schools Inclusive Project is a thrust of the Ministry of Education's Student Support Services Division.Its set to commence within this academic year as a holistic approach to benefit all students.This will require additional training and even assessments of some students. How will the Ministry meet the needs of the students and by extension the staff of these students and at what cost?

TTPS Information Drive

Meetings and rallies are ongoing leading up to the Local Government election with supporters coming out in their numbers. What is role of the TTPS during an election and how will they ensure that the law is enforced?

Captain's log: the untold stories

The T&T Defence Force Women's Initiative is now in its third year, where special emphasis is placed on the work and contribution of women. This year they are commemorating with a special theatrical production "Captain's Log -The Untold Stories" . It will be held on Thursday at Central Bank from 6:30 pm. Tickets are $200 and all proceeds go to Myrtles Home, A Safe House for victims of Domestic Violence.

Artiste's Forum

Songstress Natasha Wilson is back in T&T and joins us on set for our Artiste's Forum to discuss her latest release.


Its time again where we check in on the professional to gets some advice on how can we better take care of our self.