Hindu Women's Organization on Sat Maharaj

The Hindu Women's Organization paid tribute to the late Satnarayan Maharaj over the weekend. In a media release the organization said the former Maha Sabha Head gave a voice to the Hindu community and his passing should be celebrated as a life committed to sewa (service).

Political Landscape

At Friday's Lower House sitting, Energy Minister Franklin Khan says government will not intervene in the YARA exit. It's costing Norwegian Energy Company YARA a total of twenty five million US dollars to shut down its Trinidad Ammonia plant, but it's a cost the company is willing to absorb.

Two schoolchildren drown at Argyle Falls

Two teenagers died yesterday when a birthday lime turned tragic at Argyle waterfall near Roxborough, Tobago. Dead are Kharisha Thompson, a 15-year-old pupil of Scarborough Secondary School, and 19-year-old Chrislon Walters of Argyle drowned at the Falls.A sudden gush of water came down on the group and Fire officers were only able to rescue six of them.

CARIFIC Coaching and Consulting Ltd.

Women and Youth in Entrepreneurship 2: Money, Mindset, Management is scheduled for Thursday at Pleasantville Community Centre, San Fernando. The event is is in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week and San Fernando City Month. The cost is $350.

Techbeach Retreat Jamaica 2019

Tech Beach Retreat is a fast emerging and widely celebrated global community of tech entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, enthusiasts and innovators. In August they hosted coding camps in Port of Spain and Mayaro for sixty students . Last month, TechBeach hosted Bermuda's inaugural Tech Week and next Month, they head to Jamaica.

Artiste's Forum

Tis the Season for festive music...we are joined by two artiste's on the La Trinity Riddim for today's Artiste's Forum. It was released a couple weeks ago by LA Records.


All gloves are off for Sunday's internal elections of the PNM Tobago Council, as Ambassador Tracy Davidson- Celestine has teamed up with Finance Secretary Joel Jack and former THA Presiding officer Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt- Angus...