Political Landscape

On Sunday, the Movement For Social Justice revealed their candidates for the upcoming Local Government Elections on December 2nd. What are some of the areas of priority for the MSJ ? Political leader David Abdullah joined us on set to discuss.

TTPS Information Drive

Acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us on set.

Caribbean Lifestyle Diabetes Centre

The Caribbean Lifestyle Diabetes Centre has launched an awareness drive in commemoration of Diabetes Awareness Month. A free health fair will be held on November 14th.

Sorrel Food Festival

Tis the season for Sorrel. The seasonal fruit is a major hit around this time of year, from sorrel chutney , sorrel cake, sorrel drink and much more. The T&T Natural Artisans will be hosting a Sorrel Food Festival on November 17th at Eddie Hart Grounds.


Well Carnival Monday and Tuesday has come and gone but the tradition of the Ash Wednesday Cool Down at Maracas Bay is still much alive.