Me 2nd May 2017

Attorney at Law Justin Phelps

Will the Chief Justice survive his extremely low approval ratings? It's an interesting time in the Judiciary. We had attorney Justin Phelps weigh in in the first hour.

Also in today's show we spoke about the National Child Abuse awareness month. That was actually last month. But of course awareness about child abuse shouldn't be limited to just one month.

Then we spoke to an entrepreneur who's trying to make plastics bio degradable. Could he be on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough?

ParentingTT and The Art is Performing Arts Company team up for Boundaries. We found out what that play is about. And we end the show down south. Learn more about the Siparia Festival.


The Jean de la Velette made its first commercial voyage on Thursday morning from Scarborough to Port of Spain, almost one month after it docked at the Port of Spain Port.

Trinidad and Tobago Under 15 footballers had a battling start to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association Under 15 Invitational tournament. Sadly, they ended up on the losing end 5-4 against Panama.

The spotlight continues to be placed on coaches in Trinidad and Tobago. At present coaches are under pressure for supposedly not reproducing sufficient world beating sprinters.

So are coaches to blame for T&T's lack of sprinters? Why does T&T lack top local sprinters? These questions fueled our desire to find out what's happening in local athletics.