We discussed a lot with our first guest Professor Ramesh Deosaran. From the Ministry of National Security's media conference on Sunday 21st July to the appointment of Donna Cox as Minister of Communications. The Government says don't despair, we will win the fight against crime. This comes after a spike in the homicide rate last week. Several shooting incidents sparked increased fear in some, as alleged gangsters were killed last week. This is just one of the challenges facing the nation relating to crime.

Stuart Young is out as Communications Minister and while Donna Cox, Former Laventille East MP is in.The announcement came via a media release last evening from the Office of The Prime Minister.

Also on the show our Business Breakfast segment sponsored by Nescafe, we focused on the Arima Artisans Expo. It's happening this Sunday 28th July, 2019 at the Velodrome beginning from 9 am, the event is free to the public. On set was Angelle Noel of Sweet Candy Promotional, Sophia Robinson Dainty Things By Grace and Joel Clyde Bradshaw of Jay-Mart

We have all that and more including information about the Super Asian Night Festival II and the Magnolia short film, a story of a teenage girl that discover she has telekinesis powers. It is produced by Ville Ventures Films Ltd. and is scheduled to be released in August. There are also plans to turn the film into a series in 2020. Here to tell us more are The director Ancil Harris is here along with actress Aaliyah Ragoonath-Maharaj.