THA Budget

Assemblyman Joel Jack , the Secretary of Finance and the Economy at the THA joined us to discuss the THA budget. He described the budget as excellent, detailed, forward-thinking and all-embracing. Its theme was: 'Advancing Our Development Agenda'.

Fazeer Mohameed on WI cricket

The West Indies are next scheduled to play India on Thursday in the Cricket World Cup. It's been a series of unfortunate events for the Caribbean side , after the lost yet another match over the weekend. They are also without Andre Russell for their next encounter.

Commonwealth Youth Games

Trinidad and Tobago will have the opportunity to host the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2021. Trinidad and Tobago Commonwealth Games Association President Brian Lewis described the news as "an honour". The games will be a major boast to not only establishing T&T as a prime location for sporting activities but, also possess a vital opportunity to market brand T&T.

TTPS Information Drive

Sgt. Ancil Forde the Public Information Ambassador for the TTPS joined us on set to discuss road safety


Heritage Petroleum Company's CEO Mike Wiley will not be coming back. Hours after the Heritage Company presented a plan for Mr Wiley's absence due to illness, Government rescinds that plan and announces he will be permanently replaced.

Wilfred Espinet has been removed as Chairman of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited. The entity described as central to the T&T economy will now be headed by prominent attorney Michael Quamina.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says he thinks he looks great in some of the memes that float around about he declares, he expects to be verbally attacked during the upcoming election season.

Uncertainty stills surrounds the future of the T-League, as at present, the Pro League clubs plan to do their own thing.