Political Landscape

The government has come in for criticism for its handling of the social issues resulting out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Education and the returning of nationals is what the Movement For Social Justice says the could have been handled differently. Ppolitical leader David Abdulah joined us via Zoom.

Slate 2020: UNC St. Joseph

While there are traditional "safe seats" for the two major parties, marginal constituencies have been a major deciding factor in the outcome of elections. St. Joseph is one of those seats. Highly contested a few years ago with a by-election after the departure of Herbert Volney from the People's Partnership, the PNM won that seat with Terrence Deyalsingh who secured it again one year later in the 2015 general election. The UNC is hoping to swing things in their favour with candidate Ahloy Hunt, who joined us via zoom.

TTPS Information Drive

From a climbing murder toll to the video taping protesters, it's certainly a busy start to the week for the TTPS.

Masters of Prep

Natalie-Anne De Silva- Project Officer of Digicel Foundation joined us to tell us more about the app 'Masters of Prep'. It is scheduled to be launched on Friday and will also be available for download on the same day, via the Google App store. The App is geared towards assisting students with disabilities to enhance their skills in emergency preparedness.

Nalis covid 19 online projects

The National Library and Information System Authority has expanded its services during the Covid-19 pandemic to meet the needs of the public. Free access to books , journals, E-storytelling and E-arts and craft are just some of what is available on their social media platforms. They've also launched a new initiative to document the local Covid-19 experience through the project 'In your own words: COVID-19 in T&T'.


Election fever is in the air... The country heads to the polls August 10th… Protestors took to the streets against police brutality...

With the Great Race confirmed for next month following concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the preparations would have already started.