Political Landscape

The Finance Minister is set to present a Mid-Year review on Friday as announced by the Prime Minister last Saturday. Today, all the members of the House of Representatives are expected to meet virtually to consider the $2.686 billion increase in expenditure for the fiscal year. The Coronavirus Pandemic has crippled world economy, many businesses have restructured or closed up shop in some cases. This has forced many governments to roll out immediate social measures to assist those who are more vulnerable. Political commentator and a former government Minister Ralph Maraj joined us on zoom to discuss.

Focus on the Family

Last week, we talked about dealing with the loss of a loved one during Covid-19 but what about your job? Many including in T&T, have received notice that they will either be out of permanent work or without a source of income entirely. In an ever changing climate such as the one we're facing worldwide, experts are still understanding the psychological effects attached with the pandemic. Psychologist Dr. Katija Khan joined us to shed some light on the effects of retrenchment on the family cycle.

World Day Against Child Labour

The economic fall out as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic may leave some in a state of desperation..looking for new ways for source income. Sadly, Child Labour is one of the negatives that can see a spike in times of social & economic struggles.The Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development is seeking to educate the population in the lead of World Day Against Child Labour which will be observed on Friday. Farouk Mohammed-Labour Inspector II MOLSED, and Bertrand Moses Child Affairs Co-ordinator Office of the Prime Minister Gender and Child Affairs Division joined us to discuss.

Dragonzilla Storytime

Today's storyteller is an award-winning Trinidadian actress, well-known in local theatre and film production. Penelope Spencer is currently a director with the Necessary Arts Company and This week's story is entitled 'How Kevon and Aurora Won the Poetry Competition '.

Corpus Christi Celebrations

It will certainly be a joyous time for the Christian Community who observe the Feast of Corpus Christi, as they will finally be able to commune at the place of worship. Restrictions were lifted by the Prime Minister over the weekend but services will be limited to one hour under Covid-19 protocols. The day is usually observed with morning Mass, followed by the Corpus Christi Procession in the streets and the receiving of Communion.


Election fever is in the air... The country heads to the polls August 10th… Protestors took to the streets against police brutality...

With the Great Race confirmed for next month following concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the preparations would have already started.