Police Association on Homicide spike

The period Sunday into Monday saw eight homicides recorded in the country. Commissioner Gary Griffith in a media release said that a number of key policing strategies have gone into immediate effect and will continue over the coming days to increase security. These include: Joint Police and Army patrols; and Other intelligence-driven initiatives as well . Commissioner Griffith also said that officers who are currently on days off, have been called out to duty.

Remembering Raymond Choo Kong

Celebrated Comedian and playwright Raymond Choo Kong was found dead at his Arima home on Monday afternoon. Tributes began pouring in immediately after news spread of his passing, members of the local theatre fraternity gathered at Little Carib Theatre to hold a vigil in is honour. Deputy Head of News Kejan Haynes was there and spoke with some present. Friend and Manager of the Little Carib Theatre Trevor Jadunath also joined us on the telephone

Community spotlight- Making a difference football club

Last week we highlighted veteran musician Dr. Roy Cape and Former Calypso Monarch Eric 'Pink Panther' Taylor for the work they are doing in Sangre Grande. Today we have another member of the music fraternity , Extempo Monarch Brian London and a couple members of the Making A Difference Football Club. They operate out of south Trinidad and are getting ready for a tournament in Brazil. The team is scheduled to leave on Sunday but, they are still short on funds for the one week trip.

TTPS Information Drive

Sgt. Ancil Forde joined us in studio.

Somos. It's a family thing

How about a bit of parang during the July holidays as we get ready for the office start of the Parang season in August. 'Somos' it's a family thing is happening on Sunday at Kaiso Blues Cafe. It features Amantes de Parranda, a group birthed out of St. Benedict's R.C school . Tickets are $100 advanced and to tell us more are.... Jenais Carter-Percussionist

Caribbean at risk for heat wave

The Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation is urging countries in the region to be prepared due to the impact this could have on people's health, including the risk of death. PAHO in a media release placed the Caribbean on notice for extreme temperatures in the coming months.


The Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago owes the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission ten million dollars but it turns out the Permanent Secretary of the company's line Ministry only found out about this debt during a Parliamentary oversight committee hearing on Wednesday.

Tears in the congregation as 30 year-old Elias Dabourah of Lebanon , the gyro vendor who succumbed to his injuries after being shot in the head two weeks ago in Crown Point.....