Unmasking the vote

The Movement For Social Justice hopes to make a good enough impact in Pointe-A-Pierre to deliver a victory at the August 10th polls. Political Leader and the party's Candidate David Abdulah vows to be more than just a familiar face to constituents. He told reporters during a walkabout that the refinery must be restarted and Patriotic must get that agreement signed by the Government right away.

Stranded National wants to return

T&T National Jamile Felix, left the country on February 7th for six weeks to work in Kuwait. However. the Coronavirus Pandemic has placed a halt on just about everything and as a result, Jamile is stuck overseas.His wife Dana, has been trying to get some clarity from the Ministry of National Security however, information has been slow in coming. They are appealing to government to improve their communication strategy on the matter\.

CCJ rules on Guyana election

In a unanimous decision giving itself jurisdiction, the CCJ set aside the ruling of the Guyana Court of Appeal on valid votes and paved the way for GECOM to finally declare a result for the March 2nd general elections using the figures from the recount. PPP Executive Member Anil Nandlall, Former Attorney General joined us to discuss.