Political Landscape- St. Augustine Constituency

The United National Congress has confirmed it's 2020 slate for the August 10th election. Political Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has decided on a mixture of familiar and fresh faces, to try and unset the ruling People's National Party. Senator Khadijah Ameen has been select to contest the St. Augustine Seat currently held by the Congress of the People's Prakash Ramadhar.

Political Landscape- Laventille East/ Morvant

We continue our Election Countdown, Laventille East / Morvant Member of Parliament Adrian Leonce has been re selected to represent the People's National Movement at the upcoming polls. His work in the community has noted by residents but, will it be enough to secure another victory?

TTPS on Election 2020

Acting Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us now for our usual conversation. There is always so much to chat about with the TTPS, most of our focus today will be upcoming election. We will also talk about the safety and security of officers, in the aftermath of protest action and alleged threats made.

Our expert tutor

Trinigates Launching An Educational Video & Story Telling Series for students on the "Your Expert Tutor" website on Sunday. The software program / app is designed for all students, including those who are differently abled from the age of three and onwards. It can be delivered over the internet or as a standalone app for tablets and computers. Just how far up the teaching material goes and how can persons find out more?

Guyana Election Update

We are just one day away from the Caribbean Court of Justice ruling on the March 2nd Guyana Election polls. TV6ME has featured interviews from both sides of the political divide to get a greater understanding of what is happening. The Opposition People's Progressive Party/Civic is hoping for a ruling in their favour. Bishop Juan Edghill -Former Junior Finance Minister of the PPP/C joined us to respond and clear the air on allegations made by the APNU+AFC on this programme.


We continue with our Unmasking the Vote segment, where we speak with the people on the ground, to get a feel of where their minds are at ahead of the general election.

We take a look at San Fernando West , which according to the Elections and Boundaries commission comprises 23795 eligible electors in over 55 polling divisions.