Medical Association on Local Spread

The Ministry of Health has raised concerns over the local spread of the Coronavirus 2019, following a rise in non-imported cases. Police buildings, businesses and schools have not been spared as contact tracing lead health officials to visit and temporary close spaces to have them sanitized. President Dr Darren Dookeeram and Dr. Hariharan Seetharam joined us to discuss further.

Clean up following heavy rains

The videos and images were all over social media yesterday as heavy rain and gusty wind, affected several parts of the country. Regional Corporations and Disaster Management Units have been on the job and remain prepared for the very active rainy season. Jerry David- Senior Disaster Coordinator at the of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government joined us.

Political Landscape

United National Congress through its Chairman wrote Mrs. Fern Narcis-Scope, the Chief Election Officer of the Elections and Boundaries Commission as the party highlighted a number of concerns ahead of the August 10th polls. The party is again raising concerns over the Covid-19 cases and this country's hosting of the Caribbean Premier League Competition. Anita Haynes the Public Relations Officer of UNC joined us via Zoom.

Unmasking the vote: Arima

Trinidad and Tobago's Ambassador to the United Nations Penelope Beckles-Robinson is once again the PNM's candidate for Arima. Traditionally, the PNM has done well in that constituency so Why did Mrs Beckles-Robinson decide to re-enter electoral politics? She joined us to tell us

Have your say

With the rise in local Covid-19 cases, will you support further health restrictions?. Or perhaps, you want to comment on the upcoming elections. Pollsters have forecast a very tight race between the two major parties, Who Do You Think Has the Edge?