Establishing healthy boundaries in a family system

It all begins at home. It's a statement we often hear when read or learn about situations where for one reason or another, someone reacts in an inappropriate or harmful manner. The values we learn in children often form our habits and behaviour patterns. How we communicate and deal with or in some cases, don't deal with our emotions can help steer us in the right path to become better human beings. But how can we expect children to learn, if there is no proper example or, if we don't know ourselves.

Children's Authority on the decriminalization of marijuana

Since the decriminalization of 30 grams of marijuana , concerns have been mounting regarding minors engaging in drug use. Over the weekend Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley cautioned young people about breaking the law and on Monday, the Children's Authority held a media conference to raise concerns.

T&T Copyright Organization

We are joined on set by a couple executive members of the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organization, to tell us more about their new copyright collection system. Songs are released at a rapid pace for the carnival season with new events popping up at every corner, what role does copyright play?


Where, Trinidad and Tobago Red Force are confident going into their third round match against Guyana Jaguars at the Providence Stadium.

The run-off between incumbent Kelvin Charles, and Ambassador Tracy Davidson- Celestine will take place on Sunday, to determine the leadership of the PNM Tobago Council...