Focus on the Family

Keeping our children safe cannot be overemphasized especially during busy occassions as carnival. Dr. Katija Khan - Psychologist and Salorne Mc Donald joined us on set to expand the discussion and provide guidelines for parents or guardians on methods that can be used in keeping their children safe.

Bankers Association of T&T

The Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago is running its Consumer Protection Awareness Campaign for Carnival, which started on January 27th and continues to 23rd February. In today's discussion we put the focus on three important areas; Counterfeit currency, Safety measures when going to and while using the ATMs and Safety tips when using debit and credit card.

Single Use Breathalyzer

Deborah Maillard - Communications & Education Officer of Caribbean joined us in studio to discuss Single Use Breathalyzers for Carnival 2020.

Re Emergence 2 Exhibition

The launch of RE EMERGENCE 2 – Exhibition of Fine Art by Nerukhi Ato Osei takes place on 17th February. The exhibition will be available for public viewing from 18th - 28th February at the Central Bank Foyer.

Calypso Fiesta

Jalani 'Lani K' Kojo a National Calypso Monarch semifinalist joined us on set to discuss how the season is shaping up for him and his song selection.


It has been the subject of numerous memes and parodies, taken up time on radio talk shows and been viewed and analyised dozens of time on Social Media.