Carnival & Tourism

We are well into the carnival season and the topic of carnival and tourism is an essential commodity during this period.

Concerned Public Officers

The Concerned Public Officers was introduced to Communicate with all Public Officers and highlight issues and create solutions, Today three Members of the Concerned Public Officers are here to discuss their judgement against the Public Services Association (PSA).

Artiste's Forum

Anton 'Amptone' Wilcox joined us in studio. He sang in the choir and school calypso competitions starting at the age of 5. In this forum, he is a three-time consecutive primary school calypso champion. partners with Flow, many of you may be familiar with, it is an online study support that offers past papers and immediate correction for students of all ages. Many students are getting ready for SEA can utilise this programme.

Artiste's Forum

Three personalities joined us in studio Jeremy 'Jahremiah Love' Mahapat, Dareon Zavdiel 'DJ Dareon' Christoff and Makesi Daygne Jr. 'Floyd the Lyricist' Floyd.

Kaiso Karavan

Calypsonian Eunice Peters joined us on set to tell us how the season have been shaping up for her at the Kaiso Karavan and Klassic Ruso tents


It has been the subject of numerous memes and parodies, taken up time on radio talk shows and been viewed and analyised dozens of time on Social Media.