Safety of Prisons Officers

Minister of National Security Stuart Young has given is full commitment in ensuring the safety and security of prison officers in light of a recent threat. In a media release the minister said law enforcement and intelligence agencies are on high alert and are working cohesively to support the safety of prison officers.So are officers feeling any safer?

State of the Economy

The Bilateral relationship between this country and Saudi Arabia was further strengthened last month with the visit of the newly appointed non-resident Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited this country. Discussions included national security, the energy sector and economic relations.

Patriotic Corner

It's that time of year where citizens express a level and patriotism as we lead up to the Independence and Republic day observances. Bakers' Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited is your one stop shop for basically anything with the red, white and black. This family business has been in existence for thirty nine years , they have a new collection for this year's celebrations.

t's one of the heartbeats of the Arima Borough. Borough day festivities is a month long event showcasing the wide and diverse culture and history of the town. The borough is celebrating 131 years.

Adverse weather alert update

An Adverse Weather Alert #2 , Yellow Level is in effect. Meteorologist Seigonie Mohammed joined us to tell us what we can expect for the remainder.


National junior player Aalisha Alexis says it's a privilege to be back in training as she's playing a non-contact sport.

No word yet from FIFA as the United TTFA and their legal team was hoping for some response on Friday with a proposed 2pm deadline.