We were joined by Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah. There are a few hot topics we are going to try to get through, National Insurance, the reopening of the economy but let us begin with the Finance Bill 2021. It was debated in Lower House and again this week in the Upper House, with the main talking points being the concerns about the liberalization of the fuel sector.

Stakeholders, the Petroleum Dealers Association and the Oilfield Workers Trade Union have voiced their opinions, let's hear what the MSJ thinks about this.

We told you about the collaborative effort of Project Elevation. Three organizations, MaGuaya Foundation, I Believe In Success and Nariva Mayaro Youth District Council have pooled their resources to present a Spoken Word Workshop & Mentorship Programme as well as a Spoken Word Competition. It begins today and runs until August 21st.

It is aimed at addressing primarily gender-based violence matters and also mental health issues through the arts. Giving us more were Zakiya Gill -project Coordinator, Cultural Ambassador and Multi-award winning poet, Andiesa Weste -Chairman Nariva Mayaro District Youth Council and Liaison Officer of Project Elevation Patrick Phillips - Founder/ President of Ma Guaya Youth Foundation and PRO of Project Elevation.

We were joined by a couple national basketball players association members, who are concerned by some of the actions undertaken by National Basketball Federation.

It stems from the decision taken by the NBFTT to change the National Trials for the Under-17 Boys Basketball team which was due to commence on Wednesday 23rd June. To date, the Association says they have not been updated on when the tournament would take place.

We were joined Members of the Interim Committee, Triston Benjamin the Interim President and Jeffery Harris the Interim Vice President.

Kwesi Thomas of Total Kickbox joined us on Morning Edition to tell us they have launched a virtual recording series called 'Ultimate 21'. It's $145 and deals with various fitness aspects including Body weight and Cardio Kickboxing.


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