On Morning Edition, there is a lot of anticipation ahead of the PM's address to the nation. The reopening of the borders and the relaxation of Covid19 restrictions are among the wish-list of many in the population. Clint Arjoon, President of the Fyzabad Chamber of Commerce and Linus Phillip- President, Route Two Maxi Association joined us.

November 7th, the Black Agenda Project will host its fourth African Expo tomorrow at the Kwame Ture Centre. The event begins at 11 am and is aimed at supporting black owned businesses, Director of the Black Agenda Project Dr. David Muhammad was here and spoke to us.

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, service operations are constantly being updated in many areas. The United States Embassy has an update on those looking to access its services, to tell us more are Cindy Diouf, Consular Chief and Susan L'Ecuyer, Visa Chief, who spoke to Fazeer.

Covid-19 has left many in the creative and entertainment industry, searching for new ways to express their craft. Many annual events have been either cancelled or curtailed…the case for many of the events we have grown accustomed during Calypso History Month. On November 7th, SANS HUMANITE is seeking to capture Extempo lovers who would usually patronize the 'Extemporama ' Show which occur around this time annually. Joining us to give us more details are two former Extempo Monarchs…Myron B and Black Sage.


One hundred and sixty Venezuelans deported, amid outcry over T&T's handling of migrants… The Venezuelan government requested a meeting with T&T officials… and a deceased man was a guest at his own funeral?? All thanks to the creativity of one funeral home. Let’s take look at the past 7 Days on 6.

Minister of Health Terrance Deyalsingh also spoke on Covid-19 and Christmas, urging the population to forego the tradition of family and friends gathering this season so that they may have a healthy new year...

Wise Guy has won the Trinre Derby Stakes and by extension the Triple Crown at the Arima Race Club today.