On today's Morning Edition, the issues surrounding the rejection of the Patriotic Energies Bid and the losses recorded at NGC have been dominating the news locally. The Opposition UNC has raised concerns on that and other matters during this week, we were joined by Member of Parliament Saddam Hosein.

It's shaping up to be another highly contested Public Services Association on November 23rd with the formation of groups. In a bid to vote out incumbent President Watson Duke. The Concerned Public Officers, they're campaigning under the banner 'Delivering a Better PSA'. Curtis Cuffie, presidential candidate joined us.

Though carnival festivities for February have been called off, there is still good news for the creative sector. An international Chutney Soca Competition hosted by chutneymusic.com is seeking to help fill the void of cultural activities during Covid-19. The Rani & Raja Competition is also designed to strike a balance in the male dominated genre.

The deadline for submission is December 19th and here to tell us more about the concept, registration and rules of the competition, joining us was the Event Coordinator Jason 'DJ Floops' Sookram and the Head Judge Dr. Visham Bhimull.

How many of you remember pretending to be your favourite superhero after reading a comic book or movie? The power of imagination mixed with the concept of good versus evil has long attracted audiences and locally, Ville Ventures is preparing to launch episode one of the female superhero Magonolia and tis the season for parang and over the years, Calypso Vetern Scrunter has been synonymous with the Parang Soca season over the years. For 2020, he has teamed up with Soca Singer Umi Marcano to feature on their collaboration 'We Parangin' . He described it as fusion of Parang Soca and dancehall without diluting the indigenous sound.


President of the First Divisional Fire Officers Association, David Thomas, is tonight telling TV6 NEWS, many fire officers in the country, are feeling frustrated and abandoned by the Ministry of National Security.

A Trinidad based company was chosen, to supply devices for Tobago's children, through the Division of Education.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi sitting virtually with host of Morning Edition Fazeer Mohammed sought to address several topics of concern ranging from prison reform, anti-gang legislation...