In this episode of TV6's Morning Edition, it was one of the major headlines leading up to nomination day and was made official yesterday. Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus was a prominent member of the People's National Movement Tobago Council prior to nomination day. Dr. Tsoiafatt-Angus says her decision is solely based on the people of Tobago and nothing else. The Independent candidate for Scarborough /Calder Hall joined Fazeer.

Is there a need for concern among the nursing population? There have been reports of several nurses contracting the  Covid-19 virus and even a possible death. TV6 News spoke with Acting Chief Executive Officer of the North West Regional Health Authority Salisha Baksh who confirmed that some nurses have come down with the virus… But she could not say how many. Ms. Baksh also admitted that some nurses are in quarantine still awaiting the results of their COVID tests.  She also vehemently denied claims that wards are not being sanistised regularly. We heard from the Registered Nurses Association, its President Idi Stuart.

The death toll is already climbing for 2021.One of the murders on New Year's Day involved an incident, where three Venezuelan nationals were taken into custody by homicide detectives after they allegedly chopped and beat a Charlieville man to death following an argument with a Venezuelan woman with whom he was in a relationship. Today the newspapers tell the tragic story of a High School Teacher and mother of two, Suzette Sylvester, was chopped to death by a close male relative at their Preysal home. Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar joined us.

We were joined by Jerriann Baker-Herry Director/ Founder Regulus Child Development and Naureen Nalia the Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the United States Embassy, to tell us more about the Free Teaching Slide Decks offered by Regulus Child Development. It's a Non-Profit Organization who partnered with The United States Embassy to digitize the Ministry of Education's Primary School Curriculum.


Pnm Tobago Council Political Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is sending a message to PDP Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine, that he should not trust PDP leader Watson Duke.

A three hundred and fifty million dollar Argyle Falls Resort, hotel and town houses, to be established in Roxborough Tobago.

If you were at Maracas Beach today you would have noticed a heavy police presence as they insisted on strict adherence to road safety and health regulations.