We got perspective from the fitness industry, as well as the business community in the San Juan area, on the easing of the restrictions. Do they welcome aspects of the new regulations? Today we get the views on the impact on businesses in the fitness area and other companies. We are joined by Vivek Charran - President - San Juan Business Association and Fiona Branker - Fitness Advisor and Personal Instructor at the D Dial Fitness Club.

The Public Service Association's election comes up on November 23rd. Watson Duke have been the long standing president of the PSA. We spoke with a candidate running for the position of president and sharing his plans and process to succeed in the race, we were joined by Gregory Cova - Candidate for President for the PSA 2020 election.

The NGC Bocas Lit Fest is launching a brand new online conversation series entitled LIT'S BE REAL on November 4th. It is aimed at introducing Caribbean writers to industry professionals overseas. This new partnership is between the 2020 winner of the region's only prize for emerging writers, Amanda Choo Quan and the NGC Bocas Lit Fest to bring Caribbean writers closer to international industry players. To put it all into context, we were joined by Ardene Sirjoo - Media and Marketing Coordinator - Bocas Lit Fest and Amanda Choo Quan - Writer.

Holy Name Convent in Port of Spain is launching its first Virtual Art Gallery - Art Is Life 2. The Art Gallery will be featuring the creative pieces of students, alumni, emerging artist, including established local and overseas artists. Giving us all the details we were joined by Lisette Khan - Principal - Holy Name Convent and Roxanne Colthrust - Consultant.

And, off course we have our Patois, our Culture segment to wrap things up this Friday with Nnamdi Hodge - Trinidad Patois Teacher, Caribbean Yard Campus, Michelle Mora-Foderingham - Trinidad Patois Facilitator and Joanne Ferreira - Participant.


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One hundred and sixty Venezuelans deported, amid outcry over T&T's handling of migrants… The Venezuelan government requested a meeting with T&T officials… and a deceased man was a guest at his own funeral?? All thanks to the creativity of one funeral home. Let’s take look at the past 7 Days on 6.