With the Covax shipment due to arrive just after 6 pm tomorrow, the vaccination rollout plan is scheduled to begin on April 6th. Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley addressed the nation on Saturday during Saturday's Ministry of Health Conference.

The PM touched on a number of areas including the flouting of covid-19 regulations as positive cases see a slight increase. David Abdulah Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice David Abdulah joined us via Zoom.

On Tuesday 30th March, 2021, members of the spiritual shouter Baptist community will commemorate another anniversary of liberation and freedom which they do not take lightly. For thirty four years the worshippers were prohibited under the

Shouter Prohibition Ordinance 1917 of engaging in any of their faith-based traditions.

On 30 March 1951, the Shouter Prohibition Ordinance was repealed and in 1995, The Spiritual Shouter Baptist were granted a national holiday by the then UNC government.

What is the mode of members of the community and do they feel accepted by the national community after years of struggle ?

We were joined by King Shepherd Ray Brathwaite of the National Congress of Incorporated Spiritual Baptists Organizations of T&T.

The 4th Annual Gestalt Leadership Conference is coming up exactly one month from now. It's a virtual event, the cost is $US100 and on set to give us details is Maxine Attong, she is a Gestalt trained facilitator Executive Coach OD and Leadership specialist.

We are continuing our conversation on Gender-Based violence and today, we are focusing on the role of the work environment. Are there mechanisms for identifying such instances ?

We were joined on set by Michael Annisette, General Secretary, National Trade Union Centre and via Zoom was Ronald Ramlogan, Team Lead, Public Relations and Research, Employers' Consultative Association, Stephanie Fingal, Interim CEO, Employers' Consultative Association, Dennis Zulu, Director of the International Labour Organization Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean.


Tobago has recorded its 4th COVID-19 related death -- a 62-year-old woman with comorbidities. Her death was sudden. And, as TV6's Elizabeth Williams reports, the husband is unsure about his Covid status

The Opposition UNC is calling on all citizens to get inoculated with vaccines approved by the World Health Organisation. They claim the party has always been pro-vaccination. But this does not mean they've changed their tune

The Opposition is placing blame for the Covid-19 deaths, so far squarely at the feet of the government. And they're not letting up on accusing the Rowley-led administration of mismanaging the pandemic.