A 2021 meeting between the government and various business leaders some may say was long overdue. On Wednesday, stakeholders met with the government on matters of the economy and the Covid-19 pandemic. A media conference was held by Government Ministers and a release was issued by Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association and the American Chamber of Commerce on the meeting. That release called for additional measures to curb the Covid-19 spike meantime last week, the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association suggested stricter curfew hours and measures similar Caribbean neighbour Barbados.

The Supermarkets Association and the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers say they are not in support of any curfew changes. The Government has not taken any decision on the suggestions made and it is expected that more dialogue will occur between the parties, as the pandemic continues to impact the economy.

Was the meeting a step in the right direction? We got the views of two persons who were present Charles Pashley- President of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Jaishima Leladharsingh- Coordinator of the Confederation of Regional Business Chambers.


It's final lesson for the month of May Trinidad Bhojpuri Class In session with Dr. Visham Bhimull, in commemoration of Indian Arrival Day on Sunday with the holiday on the Monday.


It's been a busy month of activities for Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management in helping to prepare the country for the rainy season which is now in effect. The activities were divided into four groups. This week, a focus on public and private sector, international bodies and the southern sub regional focal point.


How about a personal heritage story in commemoration Indian Arrival Day? Dr. Deokinanan Sharma journeyed to India many years ago to not only help connect his family tree but also further his mission in advancing East Indian Culture in T&T. Dr. Deokinanan Sharma is the President of the National Council of Indian Culture and joined us.



Police plan to crack down on drivers, who tend to be speeding and breaking other traffic laws, in a mad rush to get off the roads before the curfew begins.

The World Health Organsiation encourages countries to inoculate the most at risk first. It welcomes the Pfizer donation and explains how countries will be chosen for distribution.

A 36 year-old man dies of COVID-19 after calling relatives in the wee hours of the morning saying his oxygen was out and there was no one around. His widow, also COVID positive is calling on you to get vaccinated.